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    • What is "FOREX"?

      The international currency market of "FOREX" (Forex, Foreign Exchange Market) — is a set of operations on foreign currencies purchase and sale.

      "FOREX" has no concrete location for tendering. Transactions between bidders are carried out by means of the Internet, thus one party can be in Europe, and another in Asia.

      Key participants of the currency market are the central and commercial banks, investment funds, broker companies, dealing centers, and also individual traders.

    • Who is a trader?

      The trader (from English trade, trade) — is a person committing operations on the currency market. He earns on the rate fluctuations of world currencies. The essence of the market participant activity consists of the information analysis, forecasts creation and transaction at the necessary moment. The key to success of the trader — the knowledge of bases of the fundamental and technical analysis, rules of capital management, the main aspects of exchange trade psychology.

      The principle the trader work on the currency market is simple. To earn, it is necessary to buy currency cheaper, and to sell more expensive or vice-versa. The advantage of the FOREX market before other financial markets is — here it is possible to earn both on the market growth, and on its falling.

    • What it is better to begin with?

      Begin with the examination of schedules, analyze, and carefully follow trend changes. Constantly be engaged in self-improvement — study subject literature. You will surely find all on the «Cryckers» Company site: ( Adhering to the similar scheme, soon you will achieve success.

      To trade it is better to begin with a demo account. However many professionals hold to the opinion that work on a demo account doesn't give a complete image of real trade on the FOREX market and therefore it is better to begin with small, but the real sum on the real trading account. So it is up for.

      By the way, you can take part in competitions which are offered to the clients by the «Cryckers» Company. So, risking nothing, you will be able to check own trade strategy and get necessary experience.

    • What should I know in order to start?

      The spread (from English spread, a difference) — is a difference between the offer on currencies purchase and sale. The spread — it is that broker "earns» on the transactions of clients.

      The "Stop loss» warrant (English stop loss) — is the order under which the position is liquidated at the specified price automatically. This warrant is the tool limiting losses in situations when the market goes against the trader.

      The "Take-profit» warrant (English take profit) is an order which is intended for profit fixing on an open position at the determined price achievement by a financial instrument. This warrant is the tool for timely fixing of the profit — until the moment that the market will develop in the adverse direction for the investor.

      Leverage is the ratio between the mortgage sum and volume of the carried-out transaction. For example, the leverage 1:100 means that for carrying out the trade operation it is necessary to have on the trading account the sum 100 times smaller, than an amount of transaction.